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Bersa Pistols

Bersa pistols are made by one of the largest privately owned corporations in Argentina, Bersa S.A.  Located in Ramos Mejia, Bersa was founded in the mid-1950's, by Italian immigrants Benso Bonadimani, Ercole Montini and Savino Caselli.  The Bersa name was derived from the first letters of the founder's first names, who were all mechanical engineers.  Prior to producing their own line of Bersa pistols, the company began by making parts for the now-defunct arms maker Ballester Molina.  In 1959, the Modelo 60, their first Long Rifle pistol was produced, and evolved into the Modelo 62, both of which were a modified Beretta design.  After the success of thier first commercialized firearms, the Bersa name was introduced, and the company followed with several successful Bersa pistols.

In 1994, Bersa pistols introduced the 'Thunder' line, models of which were numbered according to their chamber caliber (i.e. the Thunder 380).  The Thunder series Bersa pistols include two totally different designs in mechanics and appearances.  For most cartridges up to and including the 380 ACP the handguns are compact in size and based on a blowback system.  The exception is the Thunder 22-6 which is a 22 LR target competition pistol with a 6" barrel.  For more powerful rounds, starting with the 9x19mm Parabellum, the Thunder line is based on a locked breech and short recoil modified Browning design.  Bersa pistols are the standard sidearm of the Argentina Armed Forces, Argentina Federal Police, Buenos Aires Provincial Police and other Law Enforcement agencies.

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