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Derringer Pistols

Derringer Pistols are a subset of the larger firearm category of handguns, which as the name implies, is a firearm designed to be used with one hand.  The two major handgun subsets include revolvers and pistols.  Derringer Pistols are credited to the 19th Century firearm maker, Henry Deringer.  The spelling error from his name to the Derringer Pistol is thought to be due to the wide number of manufacturers who began copying the design who had mis-spelled his name along the way.  The Derringer Pistol has also become a term used for any small, pocket-sized, pistol.

The original design of the Derringer Pistol was a single-barrel, muzzle-loaders, with back-action percussion locks.  Derringer Pistols have primarily been used for self-defense and as a concealed carry weapon. Their compact and lightweight build allows them to be utilized in many different environments, thought the useful range of a typical Derringer Pistols is less than most standard pistols.  Most often, Derringer Pistols were sold in matching pairs, and were popularized by professional gamblers of that era.  The single most widely-known Derringer Pistol was used by John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865.

Some of the most popular brands in the Derringer Pistols category are Bond Derringer Pistols, Cimmaron Derringer Pistols, Cobra Derringer Pistols and North American Arms Derringer Pistols.  With one of the largest selections available anywhere Sportsman’s Depot, LLC carries all of these brands of Derringer Pistols along with many others.

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